Adorne yourself with the colorful beads of Bunny Shapiro!


 We have found an absolutely fabulous jewelry designer in the heart of the ever so Romantic Puerto Vallarta!

Bunny Shapiro is her name as well as the name of her local jewelry, accessory, clothing, and art boutique which is located in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. We quickly discovered that Bunny’s unique handmade bracelets and necklaces have been one of our most favorite items for the season.
Bunny has been seen in many magazines before we discovered her treasures. The last October printed editions of the American fashion and beauty publications Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine featured some of her fabulous pieces in a beautiful editorial spread. So we know it’s not just us, Bunny has become a favorite of stylists and editors alike. We simply love the fact that she mixes with such high fashion houses and magazines. As we too find her creations and designs a top-level pick for any outfit. Adding a pop of color to one’s wardrobe is always a good idea.

Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020

She truly defines the Surf Chic element. Highend luxury with an authentic bohemian flare.

Bunny Shapiro, our new favorite jewelry designer is actually Canadian, however, worked for the New York’s fashion industry for over ten years and suddenly decided to quit her job and move to Puerto Vallarta.

Shapiro is a graduate of the New York Fashion Institute of Technology and the University of Western Ontario Canada. During her time in New York, she worked as a display designer for Bloomingdale’s—a luxury department store owned by Macy’s—and for other brands such as Ralph Lauren and Chanel. How we adore that!

“In November 2015, I decided I wanted to move somewhere warm, tropical, and maybe teach English. I had visited Tulum with a friend and was amazed by the beauty of Mexico, all the colors and people who live in this nation. So I looked for opportunities as an English teacher in this country and subsequently moved to Puerto Vallarta”, Bunny explains.


A few months after her arrival, she stumbled upon a beads supplier and started making bracelets and necklaces. Very quickly, acquaintances, family, and friends started buying up Bunny’s pieces, so she decided to develop her jewelry line and start an online business.

Thanks to the success of her accessories, she opened her boutique in July 2016 and is still going strong even during the Covid event we all have been experiencing. Bunny has been fulfilling order after order with so many clients now shopping online from home.

Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020

We recently discovered all the one-of-a-kind items available at her lovely boutique—including artworks, fabulous candles, and pieces from other local artists and suppliers—and we at Surfchic didn’t want to miss the opportunity to give you a glimpse of its offerings and fabulousness.

When asked about the inspiration for her line, Bunny will tell you it has everything to do with color, freedom, and being free “I don’t design anything with a particular market or style in mind. I make whatever feels fun with lots of love and care, and more than anything, I think people are responding to that sentiment.”

Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020

Bunny uses Shakira and glass seed beads to make her bracelets and necklaces. The silver pieces she puts together in her designs come from a local silversmith.

Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020 Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020

Bunny describes her line as a kaleidoscope of colors.

Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020

Stones are also an important element of her line.

So if you are looking for an authentic pop of color to add to your divine Surfchic outfit or Bikini, we highly recommend visiting Bunny at her Local store or online.

Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020

What a divine experience!

Surfchic Lifestyle, Bunny Shapiro, 2020

Photos by: Paul Desmond @pauldesmond