Go With The Flow

By Cheryl Woodcock - Jun 27, 2018

I’ve spent over 20 years in the entertainment news business, dashing from story to story as a producer and on-air correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider.” Being “good” busy is in my blood – and keeps me motivated and inspired as a wife, mom and professional.  But family + career often means juggling a dozen plates – praying that they all stay in the air. Every parent knows exactly what I’m talking about!  It’s easy to get stressed out – and frantic. Luckily, a long time ago someone gave me a piece of advice that has helped me stay sane and smiling no matter what life brings. The words of wisdom? “Go with the flow.”  

I took the phrase to heart – and it’s how I found my way to paradise seven years ago. 

For two decades, my family has called Beverly Hills home. It’s all my kids knew. And that was what started to weigh on my husband David and me. Don’t get me wrong, we were blessed to live in the splendor of 90210, but we wanted our children to be global citizens – enlightened and cosmopolitan. Trips abroad were fine, but they were temporary. Then, we found the perfect answer in Punta Mita, a tropical paradise that offers the best of all worlds. After several holidays in the area, we decided to “go with the flow,” packed up our home in Beverly Hills moved to Punta Mita full-time. If you’ve been to this gorgeous village by the water you understand why we found it so appealing.  

 Punta de Mita


What makes Punta Mita so magical starts with the breathtaking terrain and generous people. Then, of course, the food and climate. All these amazing qualities stand alone, but only scratch the surface to what makes Punta Mita one of the most invigorating and soul-enriching places on the planet.  

It’s been several years now since our move to Punta Mita, where it’s all about “going with the flow.” Today, my kids call me “the ultimate Surf Mom.” My husband and I are thrilled our children have had this tremendous cross-cultural experience and are bi-lingual.

If you haven’t visited Punta Mita – please come!  There’s so much to see and do and in this new blog, I’m going to introduce you to the best of the best.  So, to kick it off, herewith my top fave things to do in Punta Mita!

·      Favorite Surf Spot: La Lancha.

·      Favorite Day Trip: to the town of Sayulita. 

·      Favorite Sunset Spot:  The Four Seasons Residence Beach Club.

·      Favorite Spot to Run and Hike: The Punta Mita Trails at Monkey Mountain.

·      Favorite Place to Shopping: Paloma and Bulvera boutiques (inside The Four Seasons Punta Mita).   

·      Favorite Past time: With my family. 

What are your favorite ways to play in Punta Mita? Share with me @CherylWoodcock1

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About Cheryl Woodcock.

Cheryl Woodcock is a Wife, Surf Mom as well as an entertainment and lifestyle journalist, living in Mexico. She is a true insider when it comes to all things fabulous and chic regarding her adopted hometown of Punta Mita. In fact, you could say she embodies Punta Mita Style – sun, sand, sports and effortless sophistication. Well-known to television audiences, Cheryl visited millions of homes every night as a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” the #1 syndicated newsmagazine in the world and as weekend co-host of the #2 ranked sister show “The Insider.” Cheryl was also the “face of the web” for ET and The Insider, providing daily web casts for the heavily trafficked official web sites for both shows. Cheryl still recurs as an “ET” Special Correspondent and is the face of the newly launched web site. Additionally, she is a long-time contributing editor for Genlux magazine.

Floating seamlessly from the hideaways of the rich and famous to the most exclusive red carpets, Cheryl doesn’t simply follow stories – she breaks them. Whether at the Cannes Film Festival, covering the Democratic National Convention or at The Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Cheryl’s professional and approachable style makes her a favorite with both viewers and the world’s most fascinating people.