Isla Mita by Emmanuelle Boutin

Isla Mita is a curated collection of beach-worthy apparel and accessories selected specifically for the Punta Mita lifestyle. Inspired by the passion its founder Emma Boutin has for this inimitable place, Isla Mita fuses chic style with the relaxed comfort that is a hallmark of this Pacific Mexico resort.

“Every day I am inspired by the beauty of the nature found here, and the energy present here,” says Emma. She explains that her inspiration may come in the form of a single wave, a baby turtle, a tiny shell…or the energy that the people here bring with them. “Everyone here has an intense life, a special story. Even though it’s a small community, it’s a community of remarkable people.” As for Emma’s story? “I fell in love here, and found my partner here.”

The Isla Mita style is reflective of Emma’s personal style while in Punta Mita: understated, low-key luxury. As Punta Mita is not a place of pretense, Isla Mita reveals its sense of elegance in graceful draping and luxurious fabrics – think silk, soft cottons and breezy fabrics. The Isla Mita line of beachwear is comprised of low-maintenance items you can wear from morning to night – with most pieces as fitting for breakfast as they are for cocktails.

“I prefer to wear caftans – or anything flowing – in quality fabrics of silk or cashmere, and accented with simple yet striking accessories. I always wear what I sell – and especially love the emerging women designers I’m working with.”

For Emma, the quality of the fabrics is especially important, as that leaves you feeling sexy. “Being sexy is how confident you are in what you wear…how you feel in what you wear,” states Emma. “And, a woman’s smile can accessorize anything.”

Colors sizzle! Emma reasons that in cities you generally don’t use much color, so she takes advantage of the seaside setting to make a vibrant statement. “Travel opens you up to new colors and designs,” she explains. In Punta Mita, colors are bold, and sea-inspired, and design quality is of top importance to Emma. “I seek out brands and designers who know how to ‘fit a woman’s body’ – a body with curves. It is important to embrace the body of a woman in a tasteful but sensual way,” she explains. “The designers I choose to work with at Isla Mita are those who can combine quality fabrics, good fit, and great style.”

Punta Mita’s La Isla Mita Exquisite Boutique

The goal for Isla Mita and its curated collection of items is to become the lifestyle shop for the greater Punta Mita community, as well as to eventually private-label Punta Mita branded items. Isla Mita will offer well-traveled woman items they can easily pack and carry, that look good anywhere. “These are easy to wear and care pieces of exceptional quality and design.”

Isla Mita also contributes back to the community, through Emma’s involvment with the Punta de Mita Foundation. For her Punta Mita collection, a percentage of every purchase goes to the Foundation, giving back to the community through the Isa Mita brand.
Ultimately, Emma’s vision is that Punta Mita evolves into a globally recognized iconic destination – in the manner of St. Barts or Ibiza – but with its own singular style – and, a new generation of style.

About Emma:

Emma, after traveling the world, made the choice to settle in Punta Mita, ushering in new generation of residents in this uber-relaxed–yet upscale–resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast. With talents that combine fashion and business, Emma has brought a new, modern energy to the community, infusing Punta Mita’s casual beach living with an elevated sense of style. Energetic, dedicated, generous, and passionate about anything she sets her sights on, Emma feels the need to always be surrounded by beauty.

Emma left her hometown of Montreal at 19, and traveled extensively. “I was looking for myself, and in Punta Mita, I found myself. I felt – for the first time – that I could breathe.” It is this sense of finding her sense of home, which has lead Emma to want to contribute back to the community, bringing her fashion background and travel experiences to create Isla Mita.

Emmanuelle Boutin, proprietary of Punta Mita’s La Isla Mita Exquisite Boutique“Love brought me here, brought me to Mexico, and I think Mexico chose me too,”

Emma was attracted to the values of love, family and the importance of women in the Mexican culture. After having lost her mother and brother in a short space of time, it was in Punta Mita where Emma recreated her sense of family. “I found myself here, and view Punta Mita as a place to build roots.”

For Emma, the perfect Punta de Mita day starts with waking up to sound of the waves, walking her two dogs along the beach and enjoying a healthy breakfast at the Residents’ Beach Club, before diving into her busy day. When she has free time, she slows it down to enable Punta Mita “to just get inside of me”, she reveals: ”I want to appreciate the beauty of this special place, and stop everything…if just for a moment.”

Isla Mita Lifestyle Boutiques are currently located exclusively in Punta Mita. The flagship store is located at Kupuri Beach Club and a second chic container stone can be found at Sufi Ocean Club. Open daily 10 am to 6 pm.
Be sure to follow Isla Mita at @puntamitalove.