The Gates of Heaven: Imanta Resort is Paradise on Earth

By Cheryl Woodcock - Aug 20, 2018
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See our Surf Chic Headquarters at Vallarta Lifestyles Media Group

By Marie-Luise Bernartz - Jun 12, 2017

We are in gratitude for our beautiful offices at the Vallarta Lifestyles Media Group (VLMG) – the leading publishing group in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit – where we create our dreams journeys and ideas that inspire us everyday. We invite you to have at look at this modern and dynamic work space. Join us in our Surfchic adventures on Land Sea and Imagination in this captivating Tropical Paradise.

Video @storyof_jero

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Revolucion del Sueño – a fabulous Surf Chic boutique in Sayulita

By Cheryl Woodcock - Jun 12, 2017

Revolucion del Sueno is a unique Surf Chic boutique in Sayulita, Mexico which offers designed products in limited editions that are one of a kind.

Revolucion del Sueno is the meeting between a Designing French couple who made Sayulita their home with Mexican history Traditions and Designs – paired with their French modern heritage.

The couple decided to move to Mexico with their 2 children for the love of the Colors Sun Surf and authentic Surf Culture. Each creation in their shop is produced in small workshops, with limited quantity in order to frequently offer it’s customers new designs an exclusive creations.

This is truly one of my favorite shops in Sayulita. I never leave the town without some fabulous treasure or creation from this divine store after a day of Surfing with my children. For me, their store nestled in the Surfing village next to the sea is all that being a “Surf Chic” family represents. It is the perfect store for Gifts and treasure for ages.

I sat down with the owners Laetitia Dijan and Nicolas. They were kind and generous to treat me to a delicious cafe latte sprinkled with cinnamon – of course keeping in fashion with the melding of the French and Mexican culture – along with the flavor.

I asked them what the actual meaning of the stores’ name and what it represents. They proceeded to tell me that it was inspired as a “Dream Revolution”- The French designers lovingly proclaim themselves to be:

  • Embodiment of the Surf Chic Lifestyle
  • Utopians (surely)
  • Idealists (even more)
  • Creative (of course)
  • Rigorous (with the quality of work)
  • Epicurean (of life)
  • French (nobody is perfect)

1) Where did the inspiration for your flagship store in Sayulita come from?

We came to Sayulita for the holidays and we wanted to buy some gifts for our family and friends. We also knew that gifts and treasures from this beautiful town would be something that every visitor wou
ld want and enjoy. This is what first sparked our interest creations and designs for the store.

When we decided to move to Sayulita , we decided to try to create some items and gifts that visitors could bring home and use as a fashion statement in their real life after the vacation- something that could last a lifetime. When you bring home a sombrero it’s very nice but after some time perhaps you really would not be able to use it everyday as a fashion piece as fashion is always changing. However – We adore the Mexican sombrero and feel that it is an important part of the Mexican culture and heritage. We sell them and love them hope our customers will continue to bring them home and use as a fashion piece for some time or decoration. With our designs we really wanted to do something with a Mexican touch but modern flair. This is our inspiration.

2) Why did you choose to open your store and actually live in Mexico ? 

We fell in love with Mexico, so we decided to live first in Sayulita and realized it was the perfect place for us to raise our children and enjoy a beautiful lifestyle. We traveled all through Mexico and after many months we found Sayulita and just fell in love and decided to call it home.

3) Is everything in your store made in Mexico?

Yes-almost-95 % is made in Mexico. If we import something it’s only because it was imposible to find in Mexico however that is very rare with the theme of our store.

4) What are your personal favorite items you have in your store?

I love all of the items which are made with embroideries, hand made in Chiapas. I was always so crazy with embroideries. I worked before in India, and when I was there I too was super obsessed with all of the embroideries!

5) What are your favorite things about Sayulita, Mexico?

We feel that we can Live more freely here in Mexico than in our hometown Paris, France- We live 2 minutes from our children’s school , the shops and the beach . Everything is more easy and natural for us here. It is a wonderful lifestyle. We find that we have more time to enjoy our daughter and our lives on a daily basis. We have an amazing schedule. After work and school, we go everyday to the swimmimg pool, the beach and enjoy surfing.

6) Give our readers an idea of what they can find in your store and how they can wear them- including your fabulous blankets !

In the shop you can find a lot of different products. When we find a product in Mexico that we love – we try to see how to change it or to do something different with a more modern element and flair so that you can wear it in your everyday life and fashion.

We are also very proud to offer our 3 signature brands in the our authentic Mexican boutique:

Revolucion del Sueno – in which all designs are inspired by Mexico. We design our famous Revolution del Sueno printed tee-shirts / posters / post cards that our repeat and new customers just love.

A Mano Project here everything is hand woven, hand embroidered in Chiapas, Puebla and Oaxaca. With all these fabrics, we are doing cushions, bags ,clutches , dresses, and trendy jean jackets … which is the latest craze.

Las Bayadas – our biggest seller- the Mexican beach blanket made in Mexico in a old factory .

7) Who inspires you the most in fashion – textiles and – design?

We are very inspired by our French culture and we like to mixed it in with our lifestyle and designs here in Mexico. We have been living here for 10 years.
From my part I travel back to France every year to inspire me and of course to keep the French touch in my work which is very important to me.
The designers that I love include: Christian Lacroix, Isabelle Marant, Mara Hoffmann and Sessun.

Hey Surf Chic Readers! – I do hope that when visiting this area – You find yourself collecting and indulging in all kinds of Surf Chic treasures from this fabulous store – You will be so happy you did!

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Cheryl Woodcock Q & A for Vallarta Lifestyles

By Cheryl Woodcock - Jun 12, 2017

What is my favorite gateway, who is my hero or what is my favorite dream? Find out in my interview for Vallarta Lifestyles – a leading publishing group in Puerto Vallarta

1. What is your passion?

In a word, my passion is my family. No contest. I am always looking up to the future of the next generation with such pride and passion- guiding them in a beautiful world filled with love and opportunities. I’ve had a wonderful career and know just how fortunate I am. But, my amazing husband David, daughter Skyler, and son John David will always be the center of my life. As a family, we all share a passion for the ocean, nature, surfing, adventure and travel. As such, our philanthropic focus is on the preservation and health of the ocean, earth, surrounding communities and humanity over all.

2. What is your favorite getaway?

I am blessed to live in Punta Mita Mexico and in an area brimming with culture and daily adventures including an active jungle beach and surf life with my children. The irony is that after having lived in Beverly Hills for 20 years, returning to Los Angeles to work (as a special correspondent and producer for Entertainment Tonight) and visit with dear friends has become a getaway I always look forward to and absolutely relish! Especially the shopping and beauty treatments at RejuvaYou Spa in Pasadena. I LOVE my Home in Beverly Hills. However – When in Mexico – my favorite getaway is to the St. Regis hotel in Punta Mita – either for a romantic getaway with my husband or a family affair when my children can surf the perfect wave right there in front of the hotel- while we relax from fabulous Spa treatments.. The wave is called “Monuments” and rightly so. I adore the place and energy – it’s super special.

 3. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Yikes! My kids could probably name a dozen! Thankfully, I don’t think I’ve had too many embarrassing moments professionally, but as a mom, well, I think that comes with the territory. I still do not understand this Instagram etiquette- apparently- I am doing it all wrong- posting too many photos with silly hashtags- Oh but I adore Instagram and hashtags. #Love #Beauty #gratitude #Peace #livinginParadise #Surfeveryday #Beach #Jungle #happy #happy #happy – It is an Entertainment Journalist’s toy!  That’s for sure! Follow me for my life in Paradise and Hollywood Glamour @CherylWoodcock  

Back to the embarrassing moment-But this one took the cake for embarrassing professional moments that still resonates in my memory!

 I was covering the National Democratic Convention and my Insider crew was next to Katie Couric who had just interviewed Michelle Obama’s brother. My producers said no interviews with Katie as we were not allowed at that time. But I was just standing there with a mic in my hand and we made eye contact so I thought, what the heck and started interviewing her anyway. Suddenly a fan ran up bumping into my cameraman who then proceeded to fall over a chair on to the floor at Katie’s feet.  It was a comedy of errors. I was just so red faced because I felt that we had created all of this havoc around her with every major media outlet there to witness the event unfold. However, Katie could not have been more calm, cool, professional and collected about the whole thing. She was a love all the way around. I on the other hand went back to my hotel room and pulled the covers over my head-and lamented- Why do I have to be that pushy journalis- ALL the time-! Ha!

 4. What are three blessings in your life?

 Easy. Their names are David, Skyler, and John David. Or my Family, health- faith .

5. If you could have any other career what would it be?

Professional chocolate taster and bubble bath taker.  Or a public servant-politician. My father is an attorney and was a State legislator from Oklahoma. He was a member of the house of Representatives at the time of my birth. I studied criminal justice at Arizona State University. I had planned on being a lawyer, following in my father’s footsteps, then discovered my passion and fire for television journalism. I have been at ET for a total of almost 18 years on and off and really just could not imagine having any other career. Well…… actually- I would be a really great publicist.

6. What’s one thing you’d like to change about yourself? 

A healthy dose of patience wouldn’t hurt me. I tend to gravitate towards the “Pushy Television Producer” ways. In my professional life, it has served me well. However, I could use more patience in my personal life. Yikes! I need to breathe, meditate and do more yoga and surfing- SUP (Stand up Paddle Surfing) that is……..!

7. What would be your perfect dinner table or Favorite guests for dinner- Living or past?

Coco Channel, Warren Buffet, Barry Diller, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Gabriel GarciaMarquez, Guadalupe Marin ,Ernest Hemingway, Arriana Huffington– and Nelson Mandela.

8. Who is your hero?

Honestly-My husband David is my hero. I know it sounds corny, but he’s really the most understanding, incredibly intelligent, compassionate, giving loving kind, beautiful, soulful, bold, courageous  philanthropic, innovative, spiritual,  private and thoughtful person I know. He is truly an amazing Father, Husband and Businessman. He inspires me to be a better person- to walk this earth with Love intention confidence power and intention- fulfilling my destiny as a Mother to my beautiful children. 

9. What is your biggest nightmare?

Not being prepared for an ET Interview. Sitting down and having no idea what the movie, television show or book is about. I think that happened before actually so maybe that should go under the most embarrassing moment question. 

10. What is your favorite dream?

I’m living it!  We call it the GYPSET life- a term coined by author Julia Chaplin- It’s a mix of the Gypsey and Jetset lifestyle. Currently-Living in a tropical bohemian esoteric paradise by the sea watching my children grow frolicking in the water-moving forward with their passion of Surfing,  academic Studies and aquiring the ever so beneficial skills of being bi-ligual -Bi-cultural along with learning about other lifestyles away  from the sometimes stressful conventional society.  My children have the opportunity to be children- Super connected to Nature with less attachment  to technology during their formative years. What a gift! We are grooming them to be world influencers.   I have  always  adored existing in the bohemian enclaves where the authentic Gypsetters abound- being  the ultimate SURF MOM on the beach with the jungle behind and my beautiful children in front taking wave after wave in the crystal blue waters of life -Then being able to hop back on a plane to the Glamorous world of Hollywood and Fashion. I especially adore coming back for the fabulous Genlux parties! I am so blessed to be living the best of both worlds!- We are off the Hossegor France again for the summer to surf the waves there- Oh I am indeed living my favorite dream.

11. What is your favorite quote?

Fortune favors the bold!











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Colorizimo Hair Studio – most fabulous hair colorist/stylist in Puerto Vallarta

By Cheryl Woodcock - Jun 12, 2017

Our Editor Reveals a fun – Q and A on the most fabulous hair dresser in Puerto Vallarta – Surf Chic hair stylist Yvette-Alexia Pinero- the owner and creator of Colorizimo in Puerto Vallarta

1. Alexia, tell us a bit about how you got started in this business in New York City?… and some of your professional background.

In the late 80’S as a young girl living in NYC, I got the big break by being chosen to do my apprenticeship (after having finished the required time of study-practice and getting my license); in a very well known Salon on 5th Ave & 57th; moving onto being a Junior Stylist and then a Senior one in a Soho Salon.

I had some months in LA working on Music Videos for a TV Production Co.
Then, later on Becoming a Paul Mitchell Educator once I had moved to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Working for this Company taught me to present and project myself as a true professional, working as a team representing and selling a name brand and truly understand the business and creative aspect of it.

While in St. Thomas I was Chief hair designer for the “Repertory Theatre Company” during my employment in a Hair Salon until I opened my first business at the “Ritz-Carlton” St.Thomas and then moving to beautiful Puerto Vallarta and within a couple of years; opening my “Colorizimo Hair Studio” 12 years ago!

2. Why did you choose to live in  Puerto Vallarta? 

Vallarta is geographically blessed; with rivers,mountains and beaches, a cosmopolitan young city and an eclectic blend of foreign and Mexican residents; a combination that I happen to really enjoy!.

One can really enjoy the “surf-chic” or “beachy-trendy” lifestyle that I love…..

3. Why did you decide to specialize as a Colorist-Hair Designer?

I’m fascinated with Dimensional Hair color! Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a world without color; visualize it all in black and white… How dull and boring!!!!
Every visual is infused with color…Color is transformation; just as in nature there are many hues of one color; take a blonde for example, there are beige, platinum, ash, golden, rose-golden, yellow,etc..!
The possibilities with color are endless and a haircut compliments color and vice-versa.

4. How did you receive the name  “the Queen of Highlites”?

When you’re passionate about something, clients feel it, see it and vibe it…one day my good friend Rose spontaneously said to me…that’s it; you’re “La Reina de las Luces”!

5. What are some points to consider for someone’s hair living this lifestyle, in this climate?

  • Frequent moisturizing salon treatments are a must in such high humidity, sun and fun town!
    There are also a variety of leave-in products that can give your hair SPF and moisture, while out and about.
  • Consider the amount of maintenance you’re willing to give to a desired new look and color and sit down with a professional that considers first of all, your natural texture, your lifestyle, features and styling daily routine! (Age to me; does not dictate the look).
  • Avoid high temperature flat irons if you want your color to stay true and fade less!
    Fading is a natural process of any color pigment (specially reds) heat and chlorine are color’s #1 enemy; as well as shampooing too frequently!
  • If you desire much lighter or blonder hair than your natural color level; bleach is a must…used properly and professionally it’s a wonderful thing but it can also destroy your hair during a lifting process that is not watched carefully. Make sure your Colorist-Stylist is experienced and aids themselves with products that compliment the lifting process safely.
    In some cases, color correction may be necessary prior to achieving a desired results; as may be the case with my fellow Blonde Latinas.
  • If you’re a surfer, beach and ocean lover; frequent hair trims, leave-in products and salon treatments is the recipe for your healthy long locks!
  • Most of us don’t want/like or prefer our grey hair; they may be premature of just a natural sign of time passing…your hair will thank you for having your monthly grey coverage appointments. Avoid buying store bought boxes of color since you may risk having different levels of color with different undertones and eventually needing a color correction session to even it out over a period of time. Best to buy some temporary grey-covering powder shadows or sticks until you can get to your Salon .
    You could also cut your hair into a soft shaggy or pixie, letting all your grey hair come in and see how you feel with it!

Colorizimo Hair Studio believes your hair should feel sexy, look healthy with dimension in color! … giving you the self-confidence that is sexier than anything else in the world!

Alexia tells us with beautiful conviction that she is a hair artist that likes to make her consultations and sessions very personal and in total confidence. She  may even offer you a glass of wine or tequila shot, so you can just relax and enjoy the process!

I truly believe that Alexia is not only the best hair artist in Puerto Vallarta- But the Northern Hemisphere and perhaps the world.!

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