The Gates of Heaven: Imanta Resort is Paradise on Earth

By Cheryl Woodcock - Aug 20, 2018
Photos by: Ale Luca
In Spanish, the word “imanta” means “magnetic attraction.”
In Mexico, Imanta Punta de Mita Resort translates to pure bliss.
Hugging the tropical cliffs along the Riviera Nayarit – Mexico’s Gold Coast, and just minutes away from Puerto Vallarta Airport, Imanta is not to be missed. This magical Eden nestled between the Sierra de Vallejo National Reserve and Banderas Bay, sparkles like diamonds as it dances on the edge of the mighty Pacific. Tucked within this enchanting 250 acre setting is a mystical refuge that is a true gift to those who have grown weary of the one-size-fits-all sprawl of the world’s mega resorts. In fact, at full capacity, the Imanta Resort accommodates less than two-dozen guests.
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Inspired by a trip to Thailand, the hoteliers imagined a private sanctuary that seamlessly blended luxury with sustainability. The result, a first-class environmentally conscious boutique hotel and spa, is nothing short of supernatural. It begins with the perfect location, carefully chosen for its privacy and undisturbed natural beauty. The air itself is wildly intoxicating.
A warm breeze carries the rich scent of almond, mango, and tamarind, layering the air and gently calming the spirit. Vibrant sounds from the jungle entice one to exploration and adventure, while the crystalline water beckons for play and pondering. Sitting 21 degrees north of the equatorial plane, Imanta shares a kinship with other healing environs like Maui and the Bahamas.
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The earth’s most noble creatures have long known the secrets of these shores.
For hundreds of years, whales have found solace and safety in the waters of the Bay, migrating from colder climes to give birth to their young and strengthen them for the long journey back. It makes me smile thinking of my family’s own rewarding trips to this paradise.
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Complimenting the exquisite locale, the Imanta’s secret ingredient is its profound respect for the soul – that of the land and her fortunate visitor.
The property celebrates the terrain’s organic hues and contours with a romantic cluster of shelters lovingly crafted from sustainable material.
The Imanta makes mind, body, and spiritual renewal priorities for all Imanta guests. “Harmony meets luxury” best describes the spacious guest suites.

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Guests revel in magnificent views of the ocean, mountains, and jungle. Although you might be tempted to stay in your suite, so much more awaits outside your door. Visitors are nourished by local fare that includes fresh local seafood, exotic indigenous fruits, and savory premium meats all prepared with exacting standards. Rejuvenation can be found in the award winning or participating in a mind-boggling range of activities including hiking, yoga, meditation, and fishing.

A personal favorite is surfing. My Mayan surf guide, Black Bear, knows all of the prime spots. The most amazing of which is”The Gates of Heaven.” I find the name appropriate for two reasons. Yes, it’s where you can catch the perfect wave. But from those pristine waters, if you listen closely, you will also hear the sweet Siren’s song of the Imanta calling you home.