Teitiare Estates Sayulita: Vacationing like a fashion editor!

By Cheryl Woodcock - Jun 12, 2017

Seeking a beautiful place to stay in Sayulita, Mexico? An authentic, relaxed atmosphere, a stylish décor and surfing are important to you? Then we got the right resort for you. Teitiare Estates – a home where you actually feel the vibrant lifestyle of a fashion editor.

There are truly so many fabulous places to stay in Sayulita. If you are looking for a little more privacy and the Surf Chic appeal- Teitiare Estates are for you. It is located on one of the most beautiful and private beaches in the area. The property is owned by the internationally renowned gorgeous fashion photographer Anne Menke and her husband Johann Ackermann. Anne’s editorial work radiates glamour and a zest for adventure, just like her.

Today, she combines these compelling elements in a new enterprise, the luxury-meets-inspiration Mexican resort Teitiare Estate. I spend quite a bit of time there as this is where I attend many photoshoots with my daughter Skyler. In fact the latest Hollister and Co campaign was just shot there a few months ago. We also love to stay there on holidays with the entire family for a weekend or two.

Teitiare Estates stands for a magnificent beach, breathtaking style and privacy.

Menke’s images have graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, and Travel & Leisure, but you could asily mistake this little, blonde beauty for one of her model-subjects. Gypset chic, her work takes her to the most exotic locales in the world. Today, she calls both New York City and Nayarit, Mexico home. In the latter, she and husband Johann, a former fashion agent, have created a breathtaking compound called Teitiare Estate overlooking the deep blue sea.

So enchanted with the natural terrain, Menke has used it as a backdrop for high fashion shoots. Teitiare is just 5 minutes outside the ever so popular seaside village of Sayulita and about forty minutes north of Puerto Vallarta’s international airport. While getting there might not be a problem, leaving could be. After all, once your safely situated in Teitiare it’s pretty tempting to stay. The beach is simply magnificent.

The luxury villa comes with a butler, sauna, wine cellar… and leaves nothing to be desired.

Take your pick between Casa O’te Miti, a six-bedroom air-conditioned villa situated on a rocky point with a 200-degree view of the Pacific blue and Casa Ninamu with two gorgeous bedrooms steps away from your private beach and the water beyond, a surfer’s paradise. Did we mention that Casa O’te Miti comes with a butler, chef, gym, sauna; business office, library, cinema and Tuscan style wine cellar? See why you might have a problem going back home? But here’s the good news. If you do fancy lingering longer, you can purchase a home in the exclusive eco-friendly enclave.

Thanks to the owners striking décor one feels as if they are on a tropical yet elegant adventure. 

Teitiare’s striking décor reflects traditional themes found in northern Africa, the South Pacific, and of course, Mexico. Both villas feature thatched roofs and inviting floor plans. The foundation is built on sustainability, with eco-sensitivity at the core of the construction. But sustainability is more than just a business philosophy for Menke and her family; they have made it a community project. Seeking to inspire the next generation of global citizens (including her three beautiful children), Menke and husband Johann along with other visionaries- Tamra and Theo Koch co-founded Costa Verde International School in Sayulita, an ecological, community-oriented, multicultural, bilingual private school. The curriculum challenges students to analyze and solve problems relevant to the world. The school is also home to a first-class resource center for the local area on issues of the environment.

Thanks to her faithful stewardship and that of others, Sayulita has responsibly transformed from a small fishing village to a progressive community with recycling programs, farmer’s markets, animal shelters, and healthcare facilities.

Ideal place for celebrating a wedding or a special anniversary.

Menke has truly created something very special in Sayulita, Teitiare the ideal place for a wedding, special anniversary,  a beautiful backdrop for a tropical ad campaign or a much-needed retreat. And whether you’re soaking in the local flavor or nestled in a hammock caressed by gentle tropical breezes; you might just decide to stay an extra day, or a lifetime.I am personally looking forward to our next stay in this beautiful Surf Chic Property. I highly recommend Teitiare Estates to all of my friends back home and anyone seeking a glamorous-Yet relaxed- Surf Chic vacation.

Teitiare Estate

Calle Norte 200, Camino a La Playa Escondida, 63732 Sayulita, NAY, México.



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