Revolucion del Sueño – a fabulous Surf Chic boutique in Sayulita

By Cheryl Woodcock - Jun 12, 2017

Revolucion del Sueno is a unique Surf Chic boutique in Sayulita, Mexico which offers designed products in limited editions that are one of a kind.

Revolucion del Sueno is the meeting between a Designing French couple who made Sayulita their home with Mexican history Traditions and Designs – paired with their French modern heritage.

The couple decided to move to Mexico with their 2 children for the love of the Colors Sun Surf and authentic Surf Culture. Each creation in their shop is produced in small workshops, with limited quantity in order to frequently offer it’s customers new designs an exclusive creations.

This is truly one of my favorite shops in Sayulita. I never leave the town without some fabulous treasure or creation from this divine store after a day of Surfing with my children. For me, their store nestled in the Surfing village next to the sea is all that being a “Surf Chic” family represents. It is the perfect store for Gifts and treasure for ages.

I sat down with the owners Laetitia Dijan and Nicolas. They were kind and generous to treat me to a delicious cafe latte sprinkled with cinnamon – of course keeping in fashion with the melding of the French and Mexican culture – along with the flavor.

I asked them what the actual meaning of the stores’ name and what it represents. They proceeded to tell me that it was inspired as a “Dream Revolution”- The French designers lovingly proclaim themselves to be:

  • Embodiment of the Surf Chic Lifestyle
  • Utopians (surely)
  • Idealists (even more)
  • Creative (of course)
  • Rigorous (with the quality of work)
  • Epicurean (of life)
  • French (nobody is perfect)

1) Where did the inspiration for your flagship store in Sayulita come from?

We came to Sayulita for the holidays and we wanted to buy some gifts for our family and friends. We also knew that gifts and treasures from this beautiful town would be something that every visitor wou
ld want and enjoy. This is what first sparked our interest creations and designs for the store.

When we decided to move to Sayulita , we decided to try to create some items and gifts that visitors could bring home and use as a fashion statement in their real life after the vacation- something that could last a lifetime. When you bring home a sombrero it’s very nice but after some time perhaps you really would not be able to use it everyday as a fashion piece as fashion is always changing. However – We adore the Mexican sombrero and feel that it is an important part of the Mexican culture and heritage. We sell them and love them hope our customers will continue to bring them home and use as a fashion piece for some time or decoration. With our designs we really wanted to do something with a Mexican touch but modern flair. This is our inspiration.

2) Why did you choose to open your store and actually live in Mexico ? 

We fell in love with Mexico, so we decided to live first in Sayulita and realized it was the perfect place for us to raise our children and enjoy a beautiful lifestyle. We traveled all through Mexico and after many months we found Sayulita and just fell in love and decided to call it home.

3) Is everything in your store made in Mexico?

Yes-almost-95 % is made in Mexico. If we import something it’s only because it was imposible to find in Mexico however that is very rare with the theme of our store.

4) What are your personal favorite items you have in your store?

I love all of the items which are made with embroideries, hand made in Chiapas. I was always so crazy with embroideries. I worked before in India, and when I was there I too was super obsessed with all of the embroideries!

5) What are your favorite things about Sayulita, Mexico?

We feel that we can Live more freely here in Mexico than in our hometown Paris, France- We live 2 minutes from our children’s school , the shops and the beach . Everything is more easy and natural for us here. It is a wonderful lifestyle. We find that we have more time to enjoy our daughter and our lives on a daily basis. We have an amazing schedule. After work and school, we go everyday to the swimmimg pool, the beach and enjoy surfing.

6) Give our readers an idea of what they can find in your store and how they can wear them- including your fabulous blankets !

In the shop you can find a lot of different products. When we find a product in Mexico that we love – we try to see how to change it or to do something different with a more modern element and flair so that you can wear it in your everyday life and fashion.

We are also very proud to offer our 3 signature brands in the our authentic Mexican boutique:

Revolucion del Sueno – in which all designs are inspired by Mexico. We design our famous Revolution del Sueno printed tee-shirts / posters / post cards that our repeat and new customers just love.

A Mano Project here everything is hand woven, hand embroidered in Chiapas, Puebla and Oaxaca. With all these fabrics, we are doing cushions, bags ,clutches , dresses, and trendy jean jackets … which is the latest craze.

Las Bayadas – our biggest seller- the Mexican beach blanket made in Mexico in a old factory .

7) Who inspires you the most in fashion – textiles and – design?

We are very inspired by our French culture and we like to mixed it in with our lifestyle and designs here in Mexico. We have been living here for 10 years.
From my part I travel back to France every year to inspire me and of course to keep the French touch in my work which is very important to me.
The designers that I love include: Christian Lacroix, Isabelle Marant, Mara Hoffmann and Sessun.

Hey Surf Chic Readers! – I do hope that when visiting this area – You find yourself collecting and indulging in all kinds of Surf Chic treasures from this fabulous store – You will be so happy you did!

Revolución Del Sueño Sayulita

55 Calle Manuel Navarrete, Bahia de Banderas, Centro, 63732 Sayulita, Nay, Mexico


+52 1 329 291 3850