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The Gates of Heaven: Imanta Resort is Paradise on Earth

Date Aug 20, 2018
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Isla Mita

Date Aug 15, 2018

Isla Mita is a curated collection of beach-worthy apparel and accessories selected specifically for the Punta Mita lifestyle. Inspired by the passion its founder Emma Boutin has for this inimitable place, Isla Mita fuses chic style with the relaxed comfort that is a hallmark of this Pacific Mexico resort.

“Every day I am inspired by the beauty of the nature found here, and the energy present here,” says Emma. She explains that her inspiration may come in the form of a single wave, a baby turtle, a tiny shell…or the energy that the people here bring with them. “Everyone here has an intense life, a special story. Even though it’s a small community, it’s a community of remarkable people.” As for Emma’s story? “I fell in love here, and found my partner here.”

The Isla Mita style is reflective of Emma’s personal style while in Punta Mita: understated, low-key luxury. As Punta Mita is not a place of pretense, Isla Mita reveals its sense of elegance in graceful draping and luxurious fabrics – think silk, soft cottons and breezy fabrics. The Isla Mita line of beachwear is comprised of low-maintenance items you can wear from morning to night – with most pieces as fitting for breakfast as they are for cocktails.

“I prefer to wear caftans – or anything flowing – in quality fabrics of silk or cashmere, and accented with simple yet striking accessories. I always wear what I sell – and especially love the emerging women designers I’m working with.”

Colors sizzle! Emma reasons that in cities you generally don’t use much color, so she takes advantage of the seaside setting to make a vibrant statement. “Travel opens you up to new colors and designs,” she explains. In Punta Mita, colors are bold, and sea-inspired, and design quality is of top importance to Emma. “I seek out brands and designers who know how to ‘fit a woman’s body’ – a body with curves. It is important to embrace the body of a woman in a tasteful but sensual way,” she explains. “The designers I choose to work with at Isla Mita are those who can combine quality fabrics, good fit, and great style.”

The goal for Isla Mita and its curated collection of items is to become the lifestyle shop for the greater Punta Mita community, as well as to eventually private-label Punta Mita branded items. Isla Mita will offer well-traveled woman items they can easily pack and carry, that look good anywhere. “These are easy to wear and care pieces of exceptional quality and design.”

Isla Mita also contributes back to the community, through Emma’s involvment with the Punta de Mita Foundation. For her Punta Mita collection, a percentage of every purchase goes to the Foundation, giving back to the community through the Isa Mita brand.

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Isla Mita Lifestyle Boutiques

Date Aug 14, 2018
Lifestyle Boutique

Isla Mita is a carefully curated collection of International designers catering exclusive beachwear and accessories  selected specifically for the Punta Mita way of life. Inspired by vibrant colors, each item has a special story and is lovingly designed by women. Passion for this inimitable destination translated into the Isla Mita chic style with the relaxed comfort that is hallmark of this Pacific Mexico Resort.

For the last six years, Isla Mita has thrived as an innovative fashion boutique in Punta Mita. All attire and accessories are hand picked by owner Emmanuelle Boutin. Drawn towards easy chic style, elegant comfort, Isla Mita brings a new, fresh vibe to our community; Punta Mita’s casual
beach living with an elevated sense of style.

Ultimately, Emma’s vision is that Punta Mita evolves into a globally recognized iconic destination – in the manner of St.Bartz or Ibiza – but with its own singular essence and a new generation of finesse.


Punta Mita

Punta Mita is an ultra-luxurious, 1,500-acre resort and residential community situated in the Riviera Nayarit, north of Puerto Vallarta. It lies on a private spear-shaped peninsula surrounded by white sand beaches, Pacific Ocean waters and lush tropical flora. Punta Mita is home to private villas and residences, two 5-Diamond rated Resort: The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort and Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, a Tennis Center, four Resident’s Beach Clubs, and two Jack Nicklaus Signature Championship Golf Courses. Pacifico Golf Course is best known for its famous island green, “The Tale of the Whale”, the world’s only natural ocean island green. The Bahia Golf Course in Punta Mita offers more slopes around the greens and heavy contours to create more movement on the fairways and greens.

Take a look at Isla Mita’s Instagram.  And it web page



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Skyler Swimwear™ at Curve las Vegas

Date Aug 13, 2018

Photo by: Ale Luca


Punta Mita and local Swimwear Designer Skyler Lee announced today that her eponymous line of swimwear will debut at Curve Las Vegas, the annual lingerie and swimwear exhibition to be held August 13 – 15, 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.  Woodcock also revealed that Lindsey Alt of Alt Creative Agency will exclusively represent Skyler Swimwear’s™ first collection ENERGY to international retailers at the annual trade show.

Her designs can now be purchased locally here in Puerto Vallarta at the Isla Mall in the Belen Del Mar boutiques along with her other stores in Punta Mita’s Plaza Olin and in Sayulita. Skyler Swimwear is also carried inside the Gates of Punta Mita at the elegant Kupuri Beach Club in Isla Mita Boutique.

Skyler says “We’re so excited to introduce Skyler Swimwear’s ENERGY collection at Curve Las Vegas, and we couldn’t ask for a better representative for the brand,” Woodcock said. “Alt Creative Agency truly understands ENERGY’s fresh appeal and has the professional bandwidth to reach key buyers.”

Clean, cohesive, effortless; the new ENERGY collection inspires confidence and creativity.  ENERGY makes  finding your flawless fit refreshingly uncomplicated. Choose from five tops and bottoms, each smartly engineered to flatter your natural curves. Three vibrant hues – cherry red, white, black – become your canvas for creative expression.

While this is the first time Skyler Swimwear is being offered on a global scale, the line enjoyed immediate success with a soft-launch in exclusive shops along Mexico’s tropical Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita, earlier this year.

The collection is now carried in upscale malls and resort community boutiques throughout the region and Skyler is beyond in gratitude to have her designs showcasing and appearing in her beloved hometown here in Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta.

The campaign for Skyler Swimwear was shot by Puerto Vallarta’s local Lifestyle and editorial photographer Ale Luca. Ale was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta and grew up around the camera and industry.  She is a self taught photographer however attend and graduated from the prestigious  Santa Monica College in the photography department. Ale prides herself on shooting in natural lighting and the elements of the majestic settings that Puerto Vallarta provides. She is a creative visionary and understands the beauty of the area and all that it offers for a beautiful canvas and backdrop for brand campaigns and photoshoots. Luca recently shot the campaigns for other local designers such as Diosa Mar and Kenda Shoes.  Her Instagram is @alelucaphoto 




Skyler Swimwear is your next wardrobe essential.  Like the little black dress, Skyler Swimwear is assured, sophisticated and sexy. It’s the perfect travel companion. Toss it in your bag for the beach or stow it for a cross continent escapade. Resilient, comfy  fabric means it’s go time.  Smart engineering aims to flatter any figure by lifting in all the right spots. Monochromatic color palettes become bold backdrops for whatever suits your mood. Accessorize urban safari-style or simplify for a sleek silhouette. Whatever your scene, Skyler Swimwear has your back.



Skyler Lee grew up in a swimsuit on the beaches of Punta Mita, Mexico. Drawn to fashion at an early age, she quite naturally aspired to create her own swimwear line surfing and frolicking in the crystal clear waters of the Bahia de Banderas. Skyler’s design ambitions started to take shape two years ago resulting in ENERGY, the first collection from Skyler Swimwear introduced this summer. Born in Beverly Hills, where she spent her early childhood. Skyler spent her formative years at the American School of Puerto Vallarta then went on to her higher education in the USA. Skyler recently returned to Southern California to attend Loyola Marymount University and is in her second year as a business major.

Instagram @skylerswimwear


For Retailers:

Media Inquiries:  Steve Rohr,


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Go With The Flow

Date Jun 27, 2018

I’ve spent over 20 years in the entertainment news business, dashing from story to story as a producer and on-air correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider.” Being “good” busy is in my blood – and keeps me motivated and inspired as a wife, mom and professional.  But family + career often means juggling a dozen plates – praying that they all stay in the air. Every parent knows exactly what I’m talking about!  It’s easy to get stressed out – and frantic. Luckily, a long time ago someone gave me a piece of advice that has helped me stay sane and smiling no matter what life brings. The words of wisdom? “Go with the flow.”  

I took the phrase to heart – and it’s how I found my way to paradise seven years ago. 

For two decades, my family has called Beverly Hills home. It’s all my kids knew. And that was what started to weigh on my husband David and me. Don’t get me wrong, we were blessed to live in the splendor of 90210, but we wanted our children to be global citizens – enlightened and cosmopolitan. Trips abroad were fine, but they were temporary. Then, we found the perfect answer in Punta Mita, a tropical paradise that offers the best of all worlds. After several holidays in the area, we decided to “go with the flow,” packed up our home in Beverly Hills moved to Punta Mita full-time. If you’ve been to this gorgeous village by the water you understand why we found it so appealing.  



What makes Punta Mita so magical starts with the breathtaking terrain and generous people. Then, of course, the food and climate. All these amazing qualities stand alone, but only scratch the surface to what makes Punta Mita one of the most invigorating and soul-enriching places on the planet.  

It’s been several years now since our move to Punta Mita, where it’s all about “going with the flow.” Today, my kids call me “the ultimate Surf Mom.” My husband and I are thrilled our children have had this tremendous cross-cultural experience and are bi-lingual.

If you haven’t visited Punta Mita – please come!  There’s so much to see and do and in this new blog, I’m going to introduce you to the best of the best.  So, to kick it off, herewith my top fave things to do in Punta Mita!

·      Favorite Surf Spot: La Lancha.

·      Favorite Day Trip: to the town of Sayulita. 

·      Favorite Sunset Spot:  The Four Seasons Residence Beach Club.

·      Favorite Spot to Run and Hike: The Punta Mita Trails at Monkey Mountain.

·      Favorite Place to Shopping: Paloma and Bulvera boutiques (inside The Four Seasons Punta Mita).   

·      Favorite Past time: With my family. 

What are your favorite ways to play in Punta Mita? Share with me @CherylWoodcock1

Edie Parker bag.

About Cheryl Woodcock.

Cheryl Woodcock is a Wife, Surf Mom as well as an entertainment and lifestyle journalist, living in Mexico. She is a true insider when it comes to all things fabulous and chic regarding her adopted hometown of Punta Mita. In fact, you could say she embodies Punta Mita Style – sun, sand, sports and effortless sophistication. Well-known to television audiences, Cheryl visited millions of homes every night as a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” the #1 syndicated newsmagazine in the world and as weekend co-host of the #2 ranked sister show “The Insider.” Cheryl was also the “face of the web” for ET and The Insider, providing daily web casts for the heavily trafficked official web sites for both shows. Cheryl still recurs as an “ET” Special Correspondent and is the face of the newly launched web site. Additionally, she is a long-time contributing editor for Genlux magazine.

Floating seamlessly from the hideaways of the rich and famous to the most exclusive red carpets, Cheryl doesn’t simply follow stories – she breaks them. Whether at the Cannes Film Festival, covering the Democratic National Convention or at The Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Cheryl’s professional and approachable style makes her a favorite with both viewers and the world’s most fascinating people.

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I want to share a Hollywood Secret with you…

Date Aug 03, 2017

Nude Envie Launches First Product Line, Envie De Lèvres.

Luxurious and sophisticated nude-colored makeup line tabs into the U.S. cosmetics market

Los Angeles, CA (March 7, 2017) Nude Envie announces the launch of its rst product line, Envie De Lèvres, into the U.S. market: Seven profound shades of nude-colored lipsticks and one perfect nude lip pencil.

Nude Envie founder, Isabel Madison believes that “feeling beautiful is being beautiful, and that con dence, sophistication and subtleness make a woman feel beautiful.”

The company’s re ned makeup products are geared towardssophisticated and stylish women, who embrace their natural allure. Envie De Lèvres’ subtle shades of nude allow every woman, no matter her ethnicity or complexion, to showcase her skin tone and highlight her features without overpowering them. Carefully crafted, using the nest ingredients, all Envie De Lèvres lipsticks are paraben and gluten free as well as extra moisturizing and luxurious due to added Vitamin E and jojoba oils.

Isabel grew up immersed in beauty culture. Her father, a biochemist, formulated cosmetic products for Max Factor, Halston and Chanel and his own cosmetic line, Visage Beauté. Their home resembled a cosmetics department store, makeup was everywhere. Not being allowed to use any cosmetics as a little girl, Isabel sat in awe watching her mother transform into a glamorous woman applying subtle touches of makeup and color. She would mimic her mom and play with the products using her younger sister and grandmother as models. It was at the age of 13 that Isabel actively became involved with her father’s cosmetics business, creating new shades of powder and creamy frosted eye shadows and helping melt and mold lipsticks. She learned about cosmetics and the beauty business from the inside out.

As her life evolved, becoming a mom, and raising 3 magni cent children, her passion for cosmetics never faded. It wasn’t until recently that Isabel found her place in the vast cosmetics landscape once again. While shopping with her sister, she was overwhelmed by the wide variety of vibrant colors of lipstick in the store’s cosmetics department. Why is it so hard to nd the perfect nude lipstick? It shouldn’t be! And with this revelation, Nude Envie was born.

The Envie De Lèvres line is available at Barneys Beverly Hills and online at and For all press inquiries or more information, please contact


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RETAIL REVOLUTIONARY: LeeAnn Sauter – Maris Collective

Date Jun 22, 2017

LeeAnn Sauter’s “counter” revolution has transformed the quaint hotel “gift shop” into a retail destination for discerning travelers.

LeeAnn Sauter may not look like a revolutionary, but the striking gorgeous sophisticated blonde is a groundbreaker in the hotel and resort retail industry. Ten years ago, Sauter refashioned the entire in-hotel shopping experience after an idea came to her while vacationing at the Four Seasons Hualalai in Hawaii. The retail veteran (she spent over fifteen years in the retail industry working for companies like Tommy Hilfiger and The Gap) was struck with a startling disconnect: Although five-star hotels had evolved, the stores within them seemed dated and uninspired.

The finest, and most exclusive hotels complemented the natural surroundings of any given location in architecture and elements, without sacrificing the premium amenities and white glove service, yet the retail experience seemed to lack the same vision. The hotel “gift shop” felt at odds with its smart surroundings.

Sauter surmised, correctly, that the well-heeled guest would spark to a more sophisticated approach to in-hotel shopping. So, mirroring the way a hotel property catered to its clientele, she launched Seaside Luxe (now Maris Collective) and began launching concept boutiques that took style cues from their respective locations. She stocked each store with upmarket designer goods (think: Pucci, Lanvin, Missoni) expertly blended with one-of-a-kind wares from local artisans. Today, Maris Collective now boasts nearly 30 shops in over a dozen luxury hotel properties worldwide, including two recent openings at the Four Seasons Bahrain. The boutiques, “Rhodium” and “Pavia” are the first for Maris in the Middle East. The company has plans for a global expansion, adding an additional 40 stores in the next few years.

Surf Chic was thrilled to find the Maris Collective brand at the Four Seasons Boutiques in Punta Mita, Mexico. Truly one of our all-time favorite shopping experiences which includes Punta Mita Bulvera, Paloma and the Hecho Boutique all staffed by the super “hot shot” Fashion forward team from Maris Collective- The Four Seasons ultra chic Punta Mita destination is led by the ever so talented retail director Deb Ferrari who always greets us with a warm smile after a long day of surfing when we are in need of an Haute Couture fix- or what we deem Apres surf shopping.

The Four Seasons boutiques offers all of our favorite luxury brands and super sophisticated merchandise from around the world. We simply adore the Punta Mita style especially in the Surfing and Resort Wear section influenced by the gorgeous stylish local Punta Mita surfers, celebs, bold faced names and the Jetset crowd who visit the resort often. We are in such gratitude for Deb Ferrari the shop leader, who always greets us with a smile and makes our shopping days just that much happier and smooth.

My favorite are the colorful windows that always reveals the story of what is to be discovered inside these fabulous boutiques. We just love all of the Luxe living items and treasures that we seek and find. Surf Chic adores the haute couture beach looks featured here by our favorite Punta Mita Surf Model Skyler who embodies the super chic Punta Mita style and lifestyle on every level.

The clothes are simply perfect for any occasion especially for the Beach and Resort Wear- All at it’s finest- However- there is a wide selection of looks for any occasion of course specializing in Beach Vacations- which we adore!

We at Surfchic believe that in combination with the Punta Mita lifestyle and the Maris Collective brand – Haute Couture Surfing was born and inspired. We just Love it! We are seeing the trend unfold and come alive.

LeeAnn Sauter’s original philosophy continues to drive the company’s enormous success – to approach each boutique as a blank slate and organically combine luxury designer merchandise with the best of local tradition and craftsmanship. She is truly a genius and a modern day rennaisance visionary in the world of retail. Maris has distilled this creative concept into the trademarked mantra “No Ordinary Moment.” For Sauter and her talented team, it’s more than a catchy mantra, it’s a promise, one they intend to keep.




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Melissa Odabash: former model and celebrity swimwear designer

Date Jun 22, 2017

Melissa Odabash is truly one of our favorite swimwear designers for Surf Chic.

Vogue magazine has noted her as creating the “ferarraris of Swimwear”.

Melissa is a former model based in London and she is absolutely  gorgeous – we adore her as so do many other celebrities such as Beyonce,Rihanna, Rose Huntington-Whiteley, Bella Hadid and Eva Longoria.

I first met Melissa at one of her divine Trunk Shows at  the Peninsula in Beverly Hills. I was covering for Entertainment Tonight and then ended up ordering her entire line of Swim wear. I brought my daughter Skyler who was then 9 years old with me. It was from that moment on that Skyler was enlightened and had the idea of creating her own swim wear line. Now 10 years later her dreams and passion for creating swimwear never wavered -only became stronger with her Surf Life in Mexico. Melissa has been a true Role model for my daughter and many other designers with vision and Passion.

For that we thank you along with the pure joy we have when wearing her beautiful and most comfortable creations.

As a former swimwear model who lived and worked in Italy for many years, Melissa Odabash has an innate sense of what women want from their swimwear & beachwear. From the inception of the brand, the collection has been developed and constructed to sculpt and enhance the silhouette. Timeless pieces designed with clean lines and innovative textiles aim to adapt to all body types, making them a must- have for the distinguished global traveller.

Melissa’s debut collection was launched in 1999, a collection which swiftly came to epitomise the glamour and sophistication of a luxury lifestyle brand, and which British Vogue was quick to name as ‘The Ferraris of the bikini world.’ She has been credited with ‘re-introducing high fashion into the swimwear world’ with complementary ranges including everything from beachwear, accessories, children swear and sports luxe. Having been established for well over a decade, her insightful know-how and discerning use of superior fabrics demonstrates the skill and time that it has taken to really become a master in her industry. To date Melissa has been honoured with ‘Designer of the year’ in Paris, ‘Swimwear Designer of the Year’ and ‘Retailer of the Year’ at the London Lifestyle awards which she has been nominated for again this year. Melissa has also been bestowed the honour of receiving the Founder’s Award from the WIE and Humanitarian Award from the Future Dreams charity.

Melissa Odabash – Honolua White swimsuit

As an extension of her luxury collection, Melissa has worked with couture designer Julian MacDonald. Together they have created sold out capsule collections pushing swimwear boundaries and creating statement pieces. Odabash & Macdonald marked their fifth collaboration last season, and unveiled the collection at the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix with a star-studded show.

Her collections are distributed in over 50 countries and throughout 500 luxury department stores, boutiques and resorts including her own online web store shipping worldwide. Melissa has two freestanding stores in Notting Hill and Chelsea to offer clients a complete experience of the brand.

With her continuing global success, Melissa has teamed with many high profile stars and brands creating new outlets for her ever-growing following. Melissa has collaborated with Victoria’s Secret, creating their best-selling bikini, created a coffee table book with Bryan Adams for Speedo’s 75th Anniversary, she has developed “the perfect bikinis” with Gwyneth Paltrow for her lifestyle website GOOP and re-developed the iconic swimsuits for the film ‘Diana’ starring Naomi Watts as well as ‘Impossible.’ More recently Melissa teamed up with American fashionista and stylist Rachel Roy to create a decadent capsule swimwear line which achieved astounding success and a bespoke capsule range of pieces for the which launched with a rooftop pool-party in New York.

Melissa has also continued to work in broadcast media, from mentoring the models in the ever popular Britain & Irelands Next Top Model to being a correspondent for the worldwide network France 24 during the Royal Wedding, as well as using her fashion expertise on Strictly Come Dancing it Takes Two.

Melissa Odabash – Hawaii White swimsuit

Throughout her success as a designer, Melissa continues to enjoy her numerous philanthropic ventures. To name but a few, she has worked with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, Prince’s trust, Kidsco, CHIVA and has partnered with Elton John to create an exclusive hat for his Aids Foundation. In 2015 Melissa launched her debut mastectomy line with the Future Dreams Breast Cancer Charity and has another collection in the pipeline for 2017. Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show which opened London Fashion Week in 2015 also saw Melissa make an exclusive return to the runway for one walk only!

Melissa has also contributed to educational establishments such as speaking to Harvard Alumni in New York and inspiring young undergraduates at London’s Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design.

Melissa Odabash continues to enjoy the attention of A-list stars; Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Rhianna, Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Heidi Klum and Beyoncé are among the celebrities who choose Melissa Odabash whilst on holiday. The collections have a consistent presence in both national and international fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, Porter, Harper’s Bazaar, In Style and Tatler, as well as huge presence online and support from esteemed fashion bloggers.











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Vagamundo Style – Luxurious boho chic fashion par excellance

Date Jun 12, 2017

VAGAMUNDO – Beautiful women’s beach and summer dresses for lovers of boho chic and modern gypset fashion.

Our Surf Chic editors were fortunate to come across this fabulous brand when one of our models was on a photoshoot with famed photographer Anne Menke for their new campaign. We immediately fell in love with the fabrics designs textures along with the super appropriate name for the line- Vagamundo.

We found  the Vagamundo brand to be all about beautiful clothing and accessories that fit the bohemian lifestyle of a free-spirited but sophisticated woman who travels, surfs, dreams, seeks adventure and romance, and does it all beautifully while showing the world her own individual style. This is something that embodies the Surf Chic audience.

On a balmy afternoon-We sat down with the ever so talented photography producer turned fashion designer – Brandy Faling. She was thrilled to share her story with us:

1) How did you start Vagamundo and what is the basic theme of your brand?

Vagamundo began as a mutual desire to bring back and share the exotic fabrics, textiles, handcrafts, and other treasures that Sebastian my partner and I would come across during our travels.

At the time, we were based between New York and France, but spending winters in Chile, where Sebastian is from.

In the beginning, we searched for existing clothes, trinkets, and accessories that caught our eye, and we set up shop in a summer beach market in Maitencillo, a very special Chilean surf town which remains Vagamundo’s primary home from December to March.
Each year we found ourselves making extensive changes to improve the clothing designs, altering the patterns, fine-tuning the proportions, sourcing better materials, until gradually we evolved into our own line.

2) What is the inspiration for your company – Designs- and Theme

Sebastian and I have a bit of a bohemian lifestyle ourselves – we live part time between several countries, travel extensively, and have had the opportunity to be a part of many different cultures and industries – from the street-art scene in Paris, European artisan markets, South American surf beaches, ancient villages in India, to the fashion photography world of New York City.

We are endlessly inspired by our travels, art, exploring other cultures, and especially by the unique fashion style of our friends, and the fascinating people we meet on our journeys – the nomads, hippies, surfers, artists, academics, musicians, fashion models, and gypsetters.

This experience and inspiration not only affects the ovrall vibe of our brand, but the actual apparel. Our clothes are designed for travel, made from lightweight materials that are easily hand-washed and air-dried.

We have many items that can be worn in several different ways – throw one piece in your bag, and have four unique outfits! My personal favorite is our Shape-Shifter which can be pants, a strapless romper, off the shoulder blouse, or short sassy dress. We also have a great selection of one-size-fits-most items, which can accommodate sizes 2-16, and are flattering on all shapes.

3) How did you get your start in the photography world and then the fashion world.

I started in the industry as a photographer, which for me organically led to production. As a producer, I originally began my career in advertising, but eventually was introduced to the fashion and retail world, where I found my true fit. The seasonal schedule of shooting is ideal for my lifestyle, and the opportunity to work in different locations and with ever-changing crews of talented, fun, stylish people is truly amazing.

4) Tell us how those 2 worlds intersect for you.

Working as a producer for top retail clothing brands has given me unique insight into many facets of the business that have been very helpful in the creation of our own apparel line. I have also been extremely lucky to build friendships with incredibly talented and generous people who support and encourage our brand with their creative services. Additionally, Vagamundo has provided me the opportunity to re-tap into my passion for photography. I am thrilled to be shooting now more than ever, for our travel and inspiration journal, for social media and marketing, and product photography for the website.

I use my creative background and production knowledge in almost every aspect of the Vagamundo business. This experience is helpful from original concepts, design ideas and fabric choices, to outlining marketing strategies, managing production schedules, organizing our photography projects, creating inspiration storyboards, and art directing the shoots.

It has been a similar experience for Sebastian, whose background is in art, painting, illustration, and graphic design. His creative talents are integral to every facet of the business, from the first design sketches, working with the tailors to perfect our patterns, creating all original t-shirt and embroidery art, to full design and execution of our website and branding. We enjoy the collaboration, and our individual strengths make for a great team!

5) Are all of your designs a one of a kind?

The majority of our designs are original, and we have also reinterpreted and brought our own vision to some classic styles. Our entire silk collection offers one of a kind pieces made from repurposed saris, so no two are alike. Customers love knowing when they wear a Vagamundo silk item, it is a unique piece that no one else will have!

6) Where do your fabrics come from?

Currently, all our fabrics are from India. We travel there each year, scouring the markets in search of beautiful, high quality fabrics to fit our designs. We sort through enormous amounts of material, and also hand-pick each sari that will become part of our silk collection.

7) Tell us about the sustainable factor.

Upcycling existing materials, such as the repurposed saris used to create our silk collection, reduces the environmental impact of each garment by diverting those textiles from ending up in landfills, avoiding the use of valuable resources to create new materials, keeping costs down which allows us to offer luxurious fabrics at affordable prices, and the best part – results in stunning one of a kind pieces!

8) Why do you feel the Eco-Sustainable factor is important in fashion today.

The fashion and textile industry uses many precious resources and is a large contributor to the amount of pollution in the world. Every choice we make as creators and consumers affect the health of the environment, and the more responsible and resourceful we can be, the better for everyone.

9) What can we expect from your next collection and campaign.

The new collection, launching in early spring, will bring fresh new fabrics to our favorite styles. This season we have woven in some monochromatic prints and solid colored materials to balance our continuing selection of gorgeous textures and patterns.

This season will feature new original designs across all collections, and we round out our loose and flowy classics with some more streamlined and contemporary silhouettes, such as a straight silk skirt, a fit and flare dress with cut outs, and sporty trousers.

We are especially excited about our expanding line of jackets. Our classic army acket now comes in more color options and we’ve added a bomber jacket in a variety of the coolest colors, all of which feature original embroidery art. We also have a new short jean-style jacket in durable fabric, each piece individually adorned with vintage textiles hand-picked during our treasure hunting in India. We are also unveiling two new and very different styles of silk jackets.

We will also be launching a new collection of carefully curated jewelry and accessories.

10) When does the new campaign launch and where can our readers purchase your beautiful clothing.

The new line will launch in April, and our apparel and accessories can be purchased at, where we offer free shipping in the USA, as well as shipping to Mexico, Canada, Australia, and the UK (with additional countries coming soon). @vagamundostyle

Hair and make-up: Graziella Jones/ Photography: Anne Menke

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Teitiare Estates Sayulita: Vacationing like a fashion editor!

Date Jun 12, 2017

Seeking a beautiful place to stay in Sayulita, Mexico? An authentic, relaxed atmosphere, a stylish décor and surfing are important to you? Then we got the right resort for you. Teitiare Estates – a home where you actually feel the vibrant lifestyle of a fashion editor.

There are truly so many fabulous places to stay in Sayulita. If you are looking for a little more privacy and the Surf Chic appeal- Teitiare Estates are for you. It is located on one of the most beautiful and private beaches in the area. The property is owned by the internationally renowned gorgeous fashion photographer Anne Menke and her husband Johann Ackermann. Anne’s editorial work radiates glamour and a zest for adventure, just like her.

Today, she combines these compelling elements in a new enterprise, the luxury-meets-inspiration Mexican resort Teitiare Estate. I spend quite a bit of time there as this is where I attend many photoshoots with my daughter Skyler. In fact the latest Hollister and Co campaign was just shot there a few months ago. We also love to stay there on holidays with the entire family for a weekend or two.

Teitiare Estates stands for a magnificent beach, breathtaking style and privacy.

Menke’s images have graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, and Travel & Leisure, but you could asily mistake this little, blonde beauty for one of her model-subjects. Gypset chic, her work takes her to the most exotic locales in the world. Today, she calls both New York City and Nayarit, Mexico home. In the latter, she and husband Johann, a former fashion agent, have created a breathtaking compound called Teitiare Estate overlooking the deep blue sea.

So enchanted with the natural terrain, Menke has used it as a backdrop for high fashion shoots. Teitiare is just 5 minutes outside the ever so popular seaside village of Sayulita and about forty minutes north of Puerto Vallarta’s international airport. While getting there might not be a problem, leaving could be. After all, once your safely situated in Teitiare it’s pretty tempting to stay. The beach is simply magnificent.

The luxury villa comes with a butler, sauna, wine cellar… and leaves nothing to be desired.

Take your pick between Casa O’te Miti, a six-bedroom air-conditioned villa situated on a rocky point with a 200-degree view of the Pacific blue and Casa Ninamu with two gorgeous bedrooms steps away from your private beach and the water beyond, a surfer’s paradise. Did we mention that Casa O’te Miti comes with a butler, chef, gym, sauna; business office, library, cinema and Tuscan style wine cellar? See why you might have a problem going back home? But here’s the good news. If you do fancy lingering longer, you can purchase a home in the exclusive eco-friendly enclave.

Thanks to the owners striking décor one feels as if they are on a tropical yet elegant adventure. 

Teitiare’s striking décor reflects traditional themes found in northern Africa, the South Pacific, and of course, Mexico. Both villas feature thatched roofs and inviting floor plans. The foundation is built on sustainability, with eco-sensitivity at the core of the construction. But sustainability is more than just a business philosophy for Menke and her family; they have made it a community project. Seeking to inspire the next generation of global citizens (including her three beautiful children), Menke and husband Johann along with other visionaries- Tamra and Theo Koch co-founded Costa Verde International School in Sayulita, an ecological, community-oriented, multicultural, bilingual private school. The curriculum challenges students to analyze and solve problems relevant to the world. The school is also home to a first-class resource center for the local area on issues of the environment.

Thanks to her faithful stewardship and that of others, Sayulita has responsibly transformed from a small fishing village to a progressive community with recycling programs, farmer’s markets, animal shelters, and healthcare facilities.

Ideal place for celebrating a wedding or a special anniversary.

Menke has truly created something very special in Sayulita, Teitiare the ideal place for a wedding, special anniversary,  a beautiful backdrop for a tropical ad campaign or a much-needed retreat. And whether you’re soaking in the local flavor or nestled in a hammock caressed by gentle tropical breezes; you might just decide to stay an extra day, or a lifetime.I am personally looking forward to our next stay in this beautiful Surf Chic Property. I highly recommend Teitiare Estates to all of my friends back home and anyone seeking a glamorous-Yet relaxed- Surf Chic vacation.

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